Sci-fi Shorts: Hideout

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OPEN: A display of a complex graphical shape, with numbers scrolling down one
side. A phone rings.


		CHRIS (phone)
	We gotta talk about these test runs.

	Yeah, I'm in the middle of one right now. Can't we talk a little

	Seriously, I gotta talk to you.

	(sighs) Alright, where are you?

EXT: A shadowed street corner, looking up the road to Abdul's apartment. Abdul
and Chris are standing behind a building, at the left of screen.

	I think they're onto us.

	That's the second time this week, Chris. We can go to the chemist
	tomorrow if the pills aren't working any more.

	Nah, I saw a van a few blocks down. They're gonna move in.

A black VW van, with lights off, rushes down the road, headed in the direction
of Abdul's apartment.

	Alright. I can take care of this. You made the backups, right?

		CHRIS (holding up a data tape)
	Yeah, last night.

	Put it away already, we don't want to lose all the test runs.

CUT TO: Horizontal-split screen
[TOP] Abdul pulls out a PDA, and commences to tapping on the screen.
[BOTTOM] Green text, typed:

	> barctl --pressure 0.75

[TOP] CUT TO: INT: Abdul's apartment. A mess of computer boxes and stacks of
paper, with wires running across the floor.

PAN TO: A meter at the right side of the door, marked "Air", delineated from 0
to 2 bar, with a needle dropping to 0.75 before stopping.

[BOTTOM] Green text, typed:

	> sendserial 0b11110000
	Connection lost

[TOP] Screen whites out.

CUT TO: EXT: Street corner

	That's all four explosive lines triggered. I've dropped the air
	pressure, so the place doesn't blow out immediately. As long as they
	don't open the door, they'll be fine.

CUT TO: INT: Corridor outside Abdul's apartment. A group of six men, dressed
as a police squad, is striding down the corridor, camera tracking from in
front. They arrive at a particular door, and stop.

		OFFICER (pounding on door)
	Police! Open up!

The police officer considers for a second, then puts the palm of his hand
against the door.

	Shit, it's warm. Shouldn't we get the fire service or something?

	Fuck the fire service, we need that data. Open the damn door!

The officer joins another with a door-battering ram, and slams it against the
door twice.

CUT TO: EXT: Street corner. A few blocks behind Abdul and Chris, an apartment
block is torn by an explosion, blowing out the windows of Abdul's place. A
fireball emanates from the window, before flames start spewing. A car alarm
is triggered nearer Abdul and Chris.

	They never learn.

Abdul and Chris get into Chris's car parked a few yards off, and drive away.