Science fiction shorts and flash fiction

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Ticketed (Mar 2017)
A long-awaited sequel to Prime Point, in which our brave protagonist finally jumps into a hyperspace-capable ship and ends up... somewhere.
Behind the Mirror (Jan 2012)
The day after the night before, a hungover flatmate notices that the wall mirror looks a bit strange. Speculative flash fiction.
Betel (Aug 2011)
Written on the theme of "thirty". On the far edge of the galaxy, a planet where only thirty stars are visible notices that one of the thirty has disappeared. Flash sci-fi.
The Harness (Feb 2011)
The tide of an interplanetary war is turned when a rogue black hole enters the solar system, and is captured by Earth forces. First published in IFWG Story Quest magazine, hard sci-fi.
Power (Nov 2010)
A spaceship crewman is faced with a Catch-22 while maintaining the engines. Flash sci-fi.
Light (May 2010)
A curious trespasser investigates the nuclear fallout zone around Cheyenne Mountain. First published in the My Writers Circle "Rascals" anthology; flash fiction.
New Science (Mar 2010)
Winning entry for a writing contest, with the length stipulation of exactly 100 words. First published by My Writers Circle; flash fiction.
Prime Point (Aug 2009)
A spacecraft is sent to the Earth-Sun L5 Lagrange point, where it undergoes testing. Vignette, sci-fi.
Highrise (Apr 2009)
A man is sealed into an apartment for four days. Short story, science-fiction.
Go Northeast (Apr 2009)
A man finds himself standing in an open field west of a white house, with a boarded front door. (There is a small mailbox here.) First published by; flash sci-fi.
Hideout (Sep 2006)
Two hackers must destroy their evidence when a team of armed police show up outside their apartment. Screenplay.
Thirteen (Sep 2006)
Terrorists use a distributed computer system to model the destruction of a continent by multiple warhead detonations. Book prologue.
Tau (Sep 2006)
A physics researcher is alerted to a contact who can help him realise his theories. Book prologue.
Microwave (Sep 2006)
Description of a system for generation and distribution of electrical power from orbiting nuclear power plants. Novel introduction.
Sand (Sep 2006)
A man reflects on the detonation of a compressed antimatter bomb in his city. Short story.
A Change of Clothing (Sep 2006)
A chase and murder by a trained serial killer, as described from the killer's point of view. Short story.