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About (Sep 2023)
Things to know about this place, and credits for source materials used in the design.
Nested Threads and the Mastodon Context API (Oct 2023)
Like many microblogging platforms, Mastodon displays posts and replies in a flat list; this can get confusing when conversations get deeply nested and branched. The Mastodon Context API offers a way to retrieve parent-child relationships between replies; this article looks at how those can be converted into a traversable tree.
Wildcard Email Addresses with Self-Hosted Postfix (Oct 2023)
I've found it very useful over the years to be able to receive email to any address at my domain. This is a quick look at how Postfix can be configured to provide routing for wildcard addresses, so it all lands in the same inbox.
The Curious Case of Debian 12 and the SSH Failure (Nov 2023)
A dive into the perils of running your own mailserver, when something terrible goes wrong with an upgrade.