DSemu is a software emulator of the Nintendo DS and Gameboy Advance hardware platforms, targeted primarily at homebrew developers lacking the resources of professional development companies. DSemu includes an integrated debugging environment, supporting single-step execution and breakpoints, allowing the homebrew developer to test and debug their application without the requirement of access to the hardware.

DSemu was developed in two iterations. The first, named simply DSemu, ran through 2004 and into 2005, and was a Windows-targeted application written in C. The second, called DSemu: the Next Generation, ran through to the end of 2005 and was a ground-up rewrite, utilising C++ to develop a modular plugin architecture, targeted across multiple platforms.

The project is now maintained by Chris Double, who has extended the capabilities of the original DSemu to support many aspects of the DS hardware.

More information about DSemu can be found on the official DSemu homepage: dsemu.oopsilon.com

DSemu-ng running GBADrain DSemu-ng running Stephen Stair's GBADrain

Article dated: 22nd Sep 2006

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