It appears that I've become rather busy at work, so I might not get so much time to write articles for the next short while. I'll still hope to put stuff up every couple of months, so keep an eye out.

28th Sep 2006
A quick list of ways to get in touch with me.
26th Sep 2006
One of the most widely-known esoteric programming languages is Brainf*ck, which attempts to break computing operations down into the simplest possible steps: just eight operations are provided, along with a small buffer of memory to work with. The problem with Brainf*ck is that it only provides the most basic I/O, interfacing with the console. Trainf*ck is an extension of the language, which endeavours to provide the ability to read and write files, and communicate over a TCP/IP network.
22nd Sep 2006
An integrated testing and debugging environment for homebrew games development on the Nintendo DS and Gameboy Advance, targeted for multiple platforms and optimised for performance. Written in C/C++ and assembly.
22nd Sep 2006
Two hackers must destroy their evidence when a team of armed police show up outside their apartment. Screenplay.
22nd Sep 2006
Terrorists use a distributed computer system to model the destruction of a continent by multiple warhead detonations. Book prologue.
22nd Sep 2006
A physics researcher is alerted to a contact who can help him realise his theories. Book prologue.
22nd Sep 2006
Description of a system for generation and distribution of electrical power from orbiting nuclear power plants. Novel introduction.
22nd Sep 2006
A man reflects on the detonation of a compressed antimatter bomb in his city. Short story.
A Change of Clothing
22nd Sep 2006
A chase and murder by a trained serial killer, as described from the killer's point of view. Short story.
DOM Manipulation and CSS Trees
22nd Sep 2006
Details regarding the implementation of a collapsible tree-style nested list using standards-compliant HTML and CSS, utilising JavaScript and the Document Object Model.
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